Why Heating System Maintenance is So Important

Even though the temperatures are still soaring here in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we at Cold 1 Services are thinking ahead to the cooler months, and are ready to book heating system maintenance services now!

As a reputable provider of commercial HVAC services in Burlington County, we help hundreds of businesses save money on energy bills and avoid HVAC replacements each year.

There are several reasons why HVAC maintenance is vital:

Protection Against Potential Mishaps

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) statistics show that heating systems are the second leading cause of fires in the U.S. after cooking. Heating fires account for over 155 deaths per year and around 650 injuries. The NFPA recommends having HVAC equipment cleaned and inspected by qualified HVAC technicians regularly to prevent the threat of a mishap.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Heating systems carry and distribute warm air throughout offices and homes. Without sufficient maintenance, they circulate airborne allergens and other contaminants throughout our buildings. By investing in regular tune-ups, people can avoid blocked filters that impede airflow and place stress on all the other components within an HVAC system. This not only improves the air quality but helps to prevent increased energy bills.

Save Energy

Whether an office is heated by an HVAC system or a gas furnace, regular maintenance helps to keep the system running as efficiently as possible. Well-maintained HVAC systems also consume less energy than neglected units.

What Needs to Be Inspected and Maintained?

One of the most critical components to inspect is the thermostat. If the temperature is set to a certain number, but never reaches the desired amount, it’s a sign there is a problem. So, we recommend regularly checking the thermostat throughout the year.

Electrical components also need to be checked to ensure that there are no shorts and that everything is working efficiently. Finally, cleaning is essential as dirt can cause issues and make it hard for the system to heat up properly. Therefore, it’s best to check that the ductwork, filters, and other visible parts of the system are clean.

For additional information, or to schedule commercial HVAC inspections in Mount Laurel, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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