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Become Energy Efficient!

While New Jersey is considered an expensive area to live in, a constant shift in weather can cause utility bills to sky rocket. When temperatures are freezing, the t thermostat may be turned up, and when heat waves roll through, air conditioners are turned on high. Sometimes you may find yourself dealing with being uncomfortable by keeping the temperature at a minimum because you want to save money on your utility bills. Sure, that works – but there is one investment that can save you money regardless of how hot or cold you wish to be. The answer: An energy efficient HVAC system!

We at Cold 1 Services are an HVAC contractor in Burlington County that provides commercial and residential buildings with energy efficient systems. The systems work using inverter-driven compressors that only use enough energy needed to change the temperature automatically. They operate to maintain your desired level of comfort on the premises while being less harmful to the environment. Since the systems utilize minimal energy, they reduce the cost of utility bills and are eligible for tax credits. Having an energy efficient HVAC system is very beneficial! If you are in Burlington and already have an energy efficient heating system, we can also repair it or perform maintenance on it.

Maintenance is Key

To have your heating and cooling system cleaned and regularly inspected, we provide a maintenance agreement. We recommend that you purchase routine on-site maintenance for your units so that damage can be avoided.  Bearing uncomfortable temperatures because your HVAC system broke down is not an ideal situation – the cost for emergency repair is not worth it! We are an HVAC contractor that services commercial and residential properties in Burlington County with top-notch maintenance care.

Need Emergency Repair? We Can Help!

If your heating and cooling system needs repair, it is not the end of the world! Simply call us at Cold 1 Services and we will send our highly trained professionals to the location in a flash. We arrive to assess the situation 24 hours a day. We have provided our emergency heating and cooling system repair services to buildings located all over Burlington County. We have a wide selection of HVAC parts that we use when a unit needs to be repaired. Your broken unit will be fixed ASAP.  

Aside from conducting heating system repairs in Burlington County, we also service refrigerators, boilers, cooling towers, pumps, and filtration systems. We are one of the only HVAC contractors in Burlington County that knows how to service commercial properties as well as homes.

Give us a call today for any of our commercial HVAC services in Camden County and beyond!

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