What’s That Strange Noise Coming From My Heater?

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Heaters are an essential component of an HVAC system, as they keep homes warm during cold weather. However, there are times when they make unusual sounds that can be more than irritating and can potentially damage the quality of the machine. Before contacting a heater service in South Jersey, learn the potential causes of strange heater noises.

A Banging Noise

A banging noise coming from the heater may be a sign of an ignition issue. If gas builds up in the combustion chamber when there’s a problem with the ignition, it can create a banging sound when the ignition occurs. There are numerous reasons why this can happen, such as a dirty burner, a weak flame, or low gas pressure.

Alternatively, this heater noise can be caused by the metal of the ductwork expanding and contracting. The heat generated by the warm air might cause the ducts to change shape, resulting in this phenomenon. Or, a banging sound could be caused by a loose part that’s out of place. Call a professional to determine which of the following is causing the banging.

A Clunking Noise

A poorly aligned blower fan can be responsible for a clunking noise coming from the heater. The fans may clunk against the wall or other furnace parts, or a cracked or damaged fan belt might create the sound during each of its rotations.

A Humming Noise

There are several reasons why you might hear a humming noise coming from the heater. Two potential causes are tied to the blower motor, as it might lack lubrication, or its motor might have a broken capacitor. Both problems cause the blower to slow down. Regardless of the reason, humming sounds are usually caused by a worn-out fan that isn’t operating as fast as it should be. However, humming may also be produced by an electrical problem you’ll want to address before it causes further damage.

A Knocking Noise

One irritating heater noise you might encounter is a recurring knocking sound. A damaged or cracked belt or faulty bearings may be the cause of this issue.

A Rumbling Noise

Excess gas or oil in the combustion chamber after a complete cycle can create a rumbling heater noise. As the heater’s fuel source keeps burning, it can produce the rumbling sound you hear.

A Scraping or Screeching Noise

Hearing a scraping or screeching noise coming from the heater means that something inside it is being dragged. It could be the loosened blades of a blower fan, a belt that’s worn out and unlubricated, or another loose part of the service scraping against the metal.

A Whistling Noise

If you hear a whistling noise coming from the heater, it likely has something to do with something blocking the airflow. Possible problems include an object stuck in the ductworks, a closed vent, a faulty blower, or even a dirty air filter that needs cleaning. It may also be because the air duct or furnace is too large for your home, meaning the only solution is to have a contractor replace or renovate it.

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