How a New Heater Can Save You Money

A new heater is standing tall in a partially finished basement. The heater is aluminum in construction.

The heater is a vital component of your home. It provides warmth and comfort during the colder months of the season. Yet, as a heater ages, it loses efficiency over time, causing you to spend more and more on utility bills. You can reduce heating using different methods, but the most effective way to save energy and save money in the process is to purchase a new energy-efficient heating system for the home. Here are the reasons why you should be considering a new heater if your older unit no longer performs optimally:

Energy Efficiency

Owning an energy-efficient heating system is a great way to lower monthly utility bills. The more efficient a heater is, the less fuel it uses to heat a home when compared to older, less-efficient heating systems. Therefore, energy-efficient heating systems save money because they reduce the amount of energy you’re using to heat your residence.

Modern Technology

The energy efficiency of older heating systems is approximately 70% or less, depending on the year the heater was built. This means that roughly 30% of the fuel they use is wasted during the heating process. High percentages of fuel waste can noticeably increase heating costs, especially in the colder months when you’re relying on your heater more often. However, modern heaters have an energy efficiency of 90% or higher, meaning that they waste very little fuel compared to older heating systems.

As a result, getting a new heater can lower your heating costs due to its increased efficiency. Modern heaters come with a variety of other advantages as well, such as taking less time to heat your home and smart technology integration.

Fewer Repairs

Another advantage of buying a new heater is that they require less maintenance and repair than older models. As a heater ages, the frequency of repairs and maintenance increases leading to additional costs incurred by the homeowner. Typically, a residential heating system has an average lifespan of approximately 10 to 15 years.

As these repair costs compound over a given time period, it’s clear that purchasing a new heating system is the better option. Even if the initial cost of buying a new heater is expensive, you’ll be able to save money in the long run. 

Improved Home Value

Energy-efficient heating systems can benefit you financially in other ways as well. If you are looking to sell your home at some point in the future, potential homebuyers take more interest in houses with new energy-efficient heating systems. Therefore, installing a new heater can add to the overall value of your home if it ever goes to market.

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