Want to Save Money On AC This Summer? Here’s How!

When you ask a resident of PA or New Jersey what they think about late spring and summertime, they usually bring up sweltering heat and humidity that feels like you’re swimming through it as you cross the street. Every summer, residential and commercial property owners depend on their cooling systems to keep the occupants in good health and happy. Unfortunately, not all cooling systems are built the same and they definitely aren’t all the same quality.


At Cold 1 Services, we’ve pledged ourselves to only recommending the most energy efficient HVAC related products on the market. We also provide services in cleaning and air filtration as well as preventative maintenance contracts, offering an extra layer of protection against appliance failure at all times. Right now, we want to share with you some insider information on how you can save money this summer through your air conditioning—something people usually associate with spending a lot of money!


Check the Status of Your Thermostat


With kitchen thermometers, over time they start to read slightly inaccurately and need to be “calibrated,” meaning that the thermometer is made accurate again. The same thing happens to the thermometers existing within thermostat systems. Regardless of the place, having a thermometer give inaccurate readings is never good. With HVAC, having a poorly calibrated thermometer in your thermostat puts strain on a system, significantly decreases the system’s lifespan and costs you a boatload of money overtime that you could be spending at the shore.


Battery health and energy levels should also be closely monitored with any thermostat. Since the battery governs the operation of the thermostat as well as the settings that need to be saved on it, this is more important than people realize—the battery should be checked every 6 months to a year to ensure that it’s in good health.


Bad thermostats mean bad readings, which means your system will be overcooling or insufficiently heating. It also means that the system could have erratic powering and start turning on and off prematurely. All of these things work together to damage HVAC systems over time. That being said, care for your thermostat and check the battery often, it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run on A/C.


Replace Old Appliances and Parts


One of the biggest reasons that we see people pouring unnecessary money into their heating and cooling bills is old, outdated equipment. We’ve made some huge breakthroughs in the last decade on making appliances safer, more efficient and also more affordable. Have you had to service your system multiple times in one year? If so, that might be a good indicator it needs replacing.


Inefficient, malfunctioning parts cause a lot of problems, one of which is water leakage, which will result in ice building up on the system over time. If other chemicals start to leak or if the circuitry has damage or wear, it will slowly cause foul smells to start coming from your HVAC system—something you definitely want to avoid.


Some people see their energy bills decreasing, and don’t realize that this is another sign of malfunctioning heating and cooling systems. If you’re uncomfortable with your current climate control, and you’ve been noticing less energy expenditure, there may be an explanation. As HVAC systems get older, the system loses efficiency and starts to accept less power into the system. As this happens, the system produces less climate control and uses less energy. Unfortunately, this will eventually lead to the breaking down of the system, which has some nasty results. Avoid this and save money—upgrade to newer systems—you won’t regret it in the future, period.


Do What You Can to Cover Your Windows


As light transfers into a home through windows and doors with glass faces on them, eventually that light will heat up the surrounding areas, forcing the HVAC system to cool it further. That’s why it’s important to cover windows, either on the inside or the outside. A more expensive option would be to have awnings installed over windows and other areas prone to sunlight exposure. On the other hand, many people invest in blinds and curtains, not just to keep out the sun when they don’t want it, but also to keep the house cooler. In the winter, the coverings can be removed to let the light in and offer some extra heating for the property. Use sheets to cover your windows if you have to—it’ll save you money in the long run on cooling.


Keep Your Air Filters Clear


Air filters really aren’t that useful if they aren’t filtering; they tend to stop doing their job properly within 6 months to a year of being put in. It’s very important to check air filters. Investing in good air filtration saves you money over time, and here’s why.


In the summer, especially around Pennsylvania and New Jersey, pollen and other allergens reach dangerous levels, especially for those suffering from allergies—it’s not much better for your air filters either.  As these particles build up in an air filter, they decrease the overall efficiency of the unit during any season.


As buildup occurs, the air flow to and from HVAC systems is reduced gradually. Eventually, particles pull through the filter and the rest of the system, sticking to blowers, vents, ducts and just about anything else they can get their mitts on. As debris builds up, air flow over the system is decreased, stopping condensation from being dried efficiently. Over time, this results in ice building up on the system, which causes its fair share of problems for property owners, including pesky water leaking everywhere.


Use Programming Features


Predictability is a good thing when it comes to HVAC systems. You can set most modern systems to be on and off when you want, and to run at different temperatures at different times. A/C and heating are not the kind of things you should “set and forget.” Using the right programming schedule that works for you will save you serious cash over time, and that’s really what we want, for our readers and clients to save as much money as possible.


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