This Is Why I’m Hot

One-hundred and three degrees. Now that’s hot. Since 2010, Philadelphia has been scorched by that milestone twice. Whether you believe in global warming or not, it’s safe to say things are not cooling off in the City of Brotherly Love anytime soon.


Close your eyes. Now picture yourself standing on top of a live volcano. Lava everywhere. Debris flying. Smoke, ash, and fire for miles. Not a s’more in site.

Your body is overheating, beads of sweat dripping off your forehead. No amount of stopping, dropping, or rolling is going help.

You need to cool off quick. There is only one problem. Cold 1 Services doesn’t service imaginary mountains. Now open your eyes.

PHEW! Regulated temperature. A comfortable 70 degrees. Cool air blowing your proverbial hair back like Rapunzel in a convertible. Life is good.


Sometimes we take our home’s temperature for granted. You can probably remember that time you had to take an ice cold shower because your hot-water heater was broken. And that warm August night when you woke up sweating, only to find your air conditioner is out of order. Or that one holiday season when you were covered in blankets and sweatshirts because your gas or electric heater was fried. Ok. You get the point.


We’ve all been there. You live and you learn. Cold 1 Services helps combat those problems by providing residential and commercial HVAC repair in Philadelphia and Delaware County.


Businesses and homeowners alike suffer from these woes. The only difference is that businesses have to regulate temperature for a much larger volume of people. Commercial air conditioning in Philadelphia and its surrounding communities is going to be of the utmost importance with the sizzling summer right around the corner.


Our team of experts offers reliable 24/7 installation, maintenance, and support for all of your commercial HVAC needs. Providing your employees and clients a positive experience includes making sure the aren’t feeling hot and stuffy. Negative testimonials spread much quicker than positive reviews. This is why malls, offices, medical centers, restaurants, places of worship and other facilities need to have an HVAC expert on call.


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