Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter? It’s Never Too Early to Start Scheduling Checkups!

As summer comes to a close, people are preparing to enjoy all the pumpkin spice flavor fall has to offer. But, is your heating system ready for the change in weather? It’s never too early to get your home prepared for the cold winter months. Getting your heating system tuned up in the fall will help to ensure that your family won’t be left without heat during the coldest months of the year. Cold 1 Services offers seasonal preventive maintenance contracts as part of our HVAC services in Mount Laurel, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Our preventive maintenance services work to help your heating system function at its highest efficiency and help to prevent system failures. Having an annual maintenance checkup performed by an HVAC professional will extend the life of your heating system.

In fact, you can get your heating system ready for the winter with these three tips:

  1. Have your furnace cleaned
    During the summer months, dust and dirt tend to build-up in unused furnaces so make sure you have your furnace cleaned by a professional before turning on the heat this winter. Don’t forget to change your furnace filter as well. Having a dirty furnace or filter will cause your HVAC system to malfunction and reduce the quality of the air flowing through your home.
  2. Clear your vents
    Having a blocked or closed vent in your home will prevent heat from flowing properly. When heat can’t flow properly it can cause your furnace to overheat, cause a crack in your heat exchanger, or enable mold to grow in your vents. Keep your home safe by ensuring that all of your vents are open and that nothing is blocking the airflow of your vents.
  3. Schedule a maintenance checkup
    By having a professional inspect your home’s heating system before the winter rolls in you can ensure that your furnace is running smoothly all winter. You never want to be stuck with a costly repair bill for an issue that could have been prevented with a proper checkup.

Cold 1 Services offers seasonal preventative maintenance contracts that are tailored to each client’s individual needs. Whether you’re experiencing an issue with your heating or air conditioning in Mount Laurel, NJ, or the surrounding areas, we are ready to help get your system back on track. For more information on our preventative maintenance services call 215-310-0116.


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