Get Ready for Fall With This HVAC Checklist

An outdoor HVAC unit is covered in leaves and needs cleaning.

If you want the indoor air quality and temperatures of your home to be in good shape by the time autumn rolls around, there are numerous fall HVAC tips you can follow to get ready. To prepare for autumn weather, here are four things that should be on every homeowner’s fall HVAC maintenance checklist.

Clean the Air Filters

The first step on your fall HVAC maintenance checklist is to clean out the air filters in your system. Regularly cleaning air filters is vital for a healthy HVAC system for a number of reasons. When too many contaminants are caught in the filters, your system will need to work harder. Not only will this lead to more expensive energy bills, but it will place more strain on the system’s parts and make them age quicker.

If you’ve noticed that your current filters are dirty, replacing them with newer ones can also be a part of the fall HVAC maintenance checklist. Contemporary filters are much better at trapping contaminants thanks to their folds that can more easily catch tinier particles. After upgrading your system’s filters, it will be better equipped to handle the fall season.

Adjust the Thermostat

The next thing to do on your fall HVAC maintenance checklist is to check the thermostat. Your ideal temperatures in summer won’t be the same as they will be in the fall months. Ensure your HVAC system is prepared for a cool autumn evening by adjusting your thermostat ahead of time.

Check the Outdoor Portion of Your HVAC System

Cleaning debris off your system is one of the fall HVAC tips that should always be done during the fall. There are a lot of things that can obstruct outdoor components, including dirt, pollen, and leaves. Cleaning the system allows for increased airflow to the fan and can help improve the longevity of the unit, which means that cleaning it early on will give you a head start.

Get an Inspection

No fall HVAC maintenance checklist is complete without a professional inspection. An expert contractor can ensure a system is efficient by examining components and performing small repairs if needed. In some cases, they may even recommend replacing certain parts; the older a system is, the less effective it will be.

It’s preferable to have preventative maintenance done on your HVAC system around twice a year. Many choose to schedule an inspection before summer and winter, so their HVAC units will be ready for more extreme temperatures. This means early fall is an excellent time to have your system looked at before winter’s busy season.

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