Freon R-22: Removing and Replacing this Refrigerant for a Greener Future

Here at Cold 1 Services, we often hear from clients questioning the ongoing phase-out of Freon (R-22) and how they can prepare for this initiative. As one of the premium providers of refrigeration, HVAC services in Mount Laurel, air conditioning services in Mount Laurel, and the surrounding areas, we decided to shed some light on the phase-out of Freon.

Why is Freon (R-22) Being Phased-Out?

Refrigerant chemicals make air conditioning and refrigeration possible in today’s world. The benefit of these products brings a vast range of benefits to the modern world, making fresh and frozen food available all over the planet. They also help to cool medical components and make indoor winter sports a possibility, things that we often take for granted in today’s society.

Refrigerants are fluids that absorb and transfer heat from the inside of your home to the outside, making the cooling process a possibility. Recently, it became common knowledge that all refrigerants containing chlorine and ones that release Freon can damage the Earth’s ozone layer.

The Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer of 1987 established a global phase-out of all CFC and HCC compounds. This resulted in the Clean Air Act, which was published by the USA promoting the phase-out of CFC (Freon) and HCFC compounds.  

Finding a “New” Freon

Refrigerants are hugely influential in the energy efficiency industry; therefore the industry carried out ongoing investigations to find suitable replacements for the commonly used R-22 coolant found in most models of air conditioning units all over the world. All alternatives were evaluated on their safety and long term viability. The top refrigerant to meet investigative protocols was R-410, which is now seen as the standard refrigerant for residential air conditioning units.

The Cost of Replacing R-22

Freon R-22 has now increased in wholesale value by over 1000% in the last decade. This means that it is no longer a viable option to replace the fluid in a leaky R-22 air conditioning unit. Customers are urged to be wary when it comes to a dodgy alternative to R-22 that some companies try and use to refill AC units.

Nothing compares to R-22 other than R-410, so make sure you ask for this when you buy a new or second-hand system.


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