Conserve Energy With HVAC Infrastructure

We live in a time period of cost-efficiency.  Everyone worries about staying above the red line, in the black, whatever you want to call it.  One of the big ways that corporations and residences alike are trying to save on costs is through energy conservation.  You can start conserving energy today through efficient HVAC systems and infrastructure.


Energy conservation is achieved all day through small and complex things alike: efficient lighting, hybrid cars, multi-paned windows, rechargeable batteries, recycling and more.  Some businesses work through the US Green Building Council, earning “LEED” licensing, short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.


Another widely overlooked way to conserve energy is through maintaining a top-notch HVAC system in your residence or commercial establishment.  Here are some ways to boost energy conservation through well maintained, repaired and updated HVAC systems:


First, make sure your sensors, thermostats and gauges are all well-calibrated, new and functional. 


Make sure that your thermostat is compatible with the entirety of your HVAC systems.  Also, make sure these sensors and gauges are running consistently, and try to avoid simultaneous heating and cooling where possible.


Make sure your set-points for periods when the building will be unoccupied are economical and cost-effective.  Reprogram your systems to match building use times, and control building pressurization to prevent unwanted airflow; this can be done by keeping windows and doors closed, and maintaining proper insulation.


Check your HVAC Equipment— but first, check your boiler(s).  


Check them for hissing (indicative of air leakage),  water leaks, and get a good flashlight on the pilot to make sure it’s running efficiently and unobstructed, unexposed to outside air and drafts entirely.  Make sure that the air and water systems within these are completely balanced.  This is where many people will need to have a HVAC expert like ours at Cold 1 Services to check out their boilers—as they are complex, expensive and difficult to troubleshoot.


Check your control valves; the pipes and bonds that regulate the flow of air and water throughout your systems and infrastructure. 


If these pipes are leaking at all, it will add up exponentially over time and end up costing you a fortune, especially in large business establishments.   This should also be repeated for all of your damper seals, ductwork and air-exchangers.  These are easy things to check and can save both residences and businesses immensely on their energy consumption and therefore, overall cost.


Another thing you can do is check your fan belts. 


If they are loose, making creaky or whistling sounds, or just not running as strong as you think they should, don’t hesitate to get an expert in there to look at them.  An expert will pinpoint the areas you’re having trouble with quickly and efficiently, without the hours it will take a non-expert to extrapolate data and make a diagnosis.


These are just a few ways to save money on energy.  There are many things out there that home and business owners can do to start saving money on energy.  Consult us at Cold 1 Services today to schedule an appointment for you and we can help you start saving.  A few moderate, simple repairs can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in the long-run.  Education is the first step to saving through energy conservation.


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