A Glimpse at the Recent Advances in Air Conditioning Systems

If you’re still living out the 10+-year lifespan of an old air conditioning unit but are starting to think about shopping for a new one, you might be surprised at the advances that have been made in the world of AC units.

Cold 1 Services is proud to provide repairs, servicing, vent work, installations, and emergency services for HVAC units in Camden County and nearby regions. Below, we’ve shared some of the latest trends in AC systems.

Smart Sensors and Thermostats

People have been able to control a thermostat using a simple smartphone app for a while now. However, motion-detection air conditioning systems and sensor activated ventilation are recent trends in the AC market. These sensors allow home and business owners to heat and cool only the rooms that are being used. This increases efficiency and saves money all year round.

Inverter Technology

Inverters control the speed that AC compressor motors function at to regulate temperatures continuously. The latest technology enables a variable-frequency for enhanced levels of control. This means that your AC unit can be used at different levels instead of continually working at full capacity.

In the long-term, this results in substantial energy savings, as the energy consumed is adjusted to what’s needed.

Heat Pumps

Dual-fuel heat pumps can utilize both natural gas and electricity. When temperatures drop, gas is used to increase efficiency, while electricity will provide this when temperatures are higher.

These pumps use underground tubing, with geothermal heat pumps drawing heat from the ground in winter. In the summer, the ground acts as a heat sink. Although installation costs are high, these systems will pay for themselves as they offer substantial savings over time.

Hot-Water Recirculation On-Demand

Your customers want hot water immediately without wasting cold water as the flow heats up. But at the same time, they don’t wish to pay to circulate this hot water continually.

On-demand hot water recirculation systems direct cold water into a heater while injecting hot water directly into the line when a tap is turned on. The result is almost 12,000 gallons of water that are saved in the average residential home each year.
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