5 Widespread Air Conditioning Myths

Two women adjust an AC unit with a remote control as they lounge on a sofa.

Whether it regards efficiency or performance, there are many rumors revolving around HVAC systems — and AC units are no exception. There are many air conditioning myths out there that might sound believable at first but are simply not true. However, how do you tell what’s real and what’s not? Let’s take a look at five common air conditioning myths that you’ve likely heard and the reasons why they’re more fiction than fact. 

Larger Air Conditioners Are Always Better

While you might think that a bigger AC will be more effective than a small model, that isn’t necessarily the case — although the size of an air conditioning unit is still important. The truth to one of the more common air conditioning myths is that the ideal size of an AC unit is determined by the number of cubic feet they’ll be responsible for cooling. If an AC system is larger than necessary, it can wear out faster because its compressor will be forced off and on repeatedly. However, a smaller air conditioner isn’t always the right answer. If the space it needs to cool is too big, then it will have to work harder to compensate and wear out faster.

Lower Thermostat Temperatures Accelerate Cooling

Other common air conditioner myths involve the speed at which the cooling takes place. Some folks think they can make their AC cool a home faster by cranking down the thermostat to the lowest setting possible. Of course, this is far from the truth. Air conditioners take as much effort to lower the temperature a few degrees as they do to reach the coldest setting. Therefore, you’re better off setting your thermostat to your preferred temperature rather than making it colder than necessary.

Ceiling Fans Help Your AC Lower Temperatures

Some air conditioning myths don’t pertain to just the AC unit but other aspects of your home. For example, some believe ceiling fans actually cool the air in a home. While this is technically true, it’s not for the reasons you may think. Rather than helping your air conditioning system lower temperatures, fans instead circulate the cold air throughout the room.

You Can Save Money By Keeping the Temperature the Same Throughout the Day

The desire to save money on energy bills has led to many air conditioning myths. Having your AC maintain the same temperature while you’re away throughout the day won’t lead to savings — but the opposite isn’t true either. Completely turning off your AC before leaving on a blistering day will force it to work harder to return to your desired temperature when you come home.

What will save money is by adjusting the temperature a few degrees higher while you’re out, so it doesn’t work nearly as much. As a general rule of thumb, the closer your AC setting is to the outside temperature, the more you will save on your energy in the long run.

Low Air Conditioning Temperatures Can Give You a Cold

One of the more unusual air conditioning myths is that the cool temperatures of an AC unit can give you a cold. Of course, that’s not how colds work at all. Individuals get colds when they’re exposed to bacteria and viruses, not lower temperatures.

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