5 Ways To Stay Cool At Home Without Cranking Up The AC This Summer

You have a functioning air conditioning system and it does wonders, but are you aware of the amount of energy you’re using?

Do you want to cut costs but remain cool?

You’re probably wondering how you can do this!

As a residential and commercial air conditioning service in Philadelphia, Cold 1 Services wants to help our customers live comfortably this summer without breaking the bank. In fact, check out these wonderful ways to supplement your air conditioning system to stay cool this summer!

1. Bust Out The Fans

Supplement you air conditioner and throw some fans in the mix. These “old-school” machines will give you direct breeze and keep you cool so that you can keep your AC energy use at a minimum. Fans that can rotate are especially useful for multi-directional spaces and keeping the entire room cooler.

2. Get Low

Did you know that hot air rises? The higher you are, the more heat is emitting. A couple of things you can do to combat this is by getting as low as you possibly can. Place your bed on the floor to keep cool, or you can sleep on the first floor of your home.

3. Turn Off the Lights

Light sources such as light bulbs give off heat that can contribute to the already sweltering heat. With the summer days long, you won’t need to use the lights as much. So, turn them off to reduce the heat from invading your space. You can also unplug your lights and other gadgets at night when their not in use.

4. Drink..More…Water

WATER! Stay hydrated and drink your recommended amount each day, but especially during the summer. A tall glass of water is the simplest way possible to stay even a little bit cool. Quench your thirst with this beverage and enjoy this under your fan as you kick your feet up and relax throughout the hot summer days!

5. Sleep With Cotton

Having trouble falling asleep on those hot summer nights? We know it can be hard when you’re tossing and turning, sweating, and kicking off your blankets because you’re overheating. Well, get rid of any heavy and thick materials and opt for light colored cotton blankets and sheets instead. Cotton is lightweight and ideal for sleeping peacefully through the night without breaking a sweat.

Remember these tips if you need to keep cool but also want to save energy!

Cold 1 Services can keep you cool all summer long! When in need of a quality residential or commercial HVAC service in Philadelphia, rely on our team!



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