4 Tips to Help Make Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

Now that the holiday season has begun, you may be scrambling around trying to prepare your home for visitors who are due to arrive soon.

Below are four tips from us here at Cold 1 Services to help you prepare your home for family and friends this holiday season!

Schedule a Heating Maintenance Check!

As a leading provider of heating system repair in Cherry Hill and nearby regions, we know that the last thing you need is your heating system breaking down while your guests are staying over. If your system is over a decade old and has warmed your home for several winters, get it professionally tuned and inspected before your guests arrive. An inspection will guarantee that any essential maintenance can be performed and that your guests are warm and cozy during their visit.

Make Bathroom Supplies Easy to Locate

Make sure that towels, toilet paper, and other essential toiletries are out on open shelves to save embarrassing guests when they have to ask for these items. If there is no wall space for shelves, you could put these items in open baskets dotted around the bathroom area. Additionally, place mats in each tub to avoid any slips or falls, and add a plunger near each toilet to help remedy clogs. 

Make Passwords Visible

It’s like when you walk into a cafe, and the WiFi code is not displayed, and you have to ask the staff to write it down for you. You want your guests to settle right in, so write down your WiFi password and display it where everyone can see it. This helps guests to feel more at home as they connect all their devices. It also enables visitors to share their holiday snaps in real-time.

Make the Bedrooms “Hotel-Quality”

You’ll want your guests to feel like they’re sleeping in a home away from home. Therefore, the bedrooms must be organized for comfort, cleanliness, and relaxation. We recommend putting clean sheets and bedding on all the guest beds; even if they’re clean, they could still be dusty if the beds haven’t been used for a while!

Lastly, add extra blankets and pillows if you think there will be a bit of a chill in the air this holiday season. You could store these items in a communal closet or the guest rooms themselves.

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