5 Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Save Energy This Winter

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A reliable heating system is invaluable during winter evenings when their warmth is needed for comfort and safety. However, staving off the chilly weather comes at a price — quite literally. The more energy your HVAC system uses to maintain a desired temperature, the more fuel it will need for the job. As a result, heating costs can rise greatly during the colder months of the year when warmth is needed more than ever. Nobody wants to pay more money than they need to just to stay warm, and, thankfully, there are several steps homeowners can take to reduce heating bills.

With the winter months on the horizon, we want to help our customers prepare for the cold snap and save money on their energy bills. As a trusted provider of heating services in South Jersey, we’d like to share some of our expert knowledge and help you become more energy-efficient, economical, and financially secure. Save money on your winter heating bills by following these five simple and easy energy-saving tips.

Seal Your Chimney When it Is Not in Use

Does your home have a chimney? While it can provide a comforting warmth on a cold evening, it’s important to shut the damper and flue when you aren’t using it. If you leave your chimney flue open, you’re letting a huge amount of warm air out of your home — in a way, keeping the flue ajar is similar to opening a window a few inches. By sealing off the flue, your heating system will use less energy.

Clean Radiators and Vents

Did you know that repositioning the furniture around your home is one way to save money on winter heating bills? Checking to make sure that rugs, furniture, or other large objects are not blocking your vents ensures their functionality won’t be impeded. Vents allow air to circulate throughout the home, and when an obstacle obstructs its path, it won’t allow the heated air to distribute as well. Removing any large furniture pieces that are standing in the way of vents gives you the full benefit of warm air throughout the colder months — once again giving your heating system a well-needed rest. 

Use a Programmable Smart Thermostat

Programmable thermostats help homeowners save money on their energy bills throughout the year by maintaining an ideal temperature. They give you the option to program your system to start working just before waking up and go down before going to bed. By using this smart technology, homeowners can easily save some money on their heating bill for each degree they lower their thermostat across eight hours. 

If you don’t have the funds for this smart technology; then you’ll be pleased to learn that the majority of homeowners can pay for the thermostat with the money that they save in the first month of using the device. Therefore, we highly recommend making this small investment for how much it can reduce heat bills.

Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bills By Changing Air Filters

Clean air filters help the air to flow efficiently through your heating system, allowing hot air to move through the vents and into the rooms of your home. However, when there’s dust and debris blocking the filter, warm air won’t be able to travel as effectively — making your heating system inefficient and, in turn, forcing it to use more energy than it needs to. Therefore, cleaning your filters or replacing the old ones entirely is one way to save money on your winter heating bills. New filters will also help to reduce the strain on the system, ultimately helping you save cash and extending the life of this essential winter equipment.

Use Heat Strategically

One of the best ways to save money on your winter heating bills is by making optimal use of the warmth you have available. For example, do you really need to heat the rooms in your home that nobody uses? Turning off heating in such areas and shutting any vents there will help save energy and divert warm air to the rooms that need it the most.

Additionally, you should strategically use other forms of warmth that enter your home. Natural sunlight shining through windows can help warm up rooms, so be sure to leave any curtains or blinds open during the day. Furthermore, the heat generated by stoves, ovens, and other cooking appliances can raise the temperature in your kitchen and make it a comfortable spot when it’s cold outside.

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