4 Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Save Energy This Winter

With winter on the horizon, we want to help our customers prepare for the cold snap and save money on their energy bills. As a trusted provider of heating services in South Jersey, we’d like to share some of our expert knowledge and help you become more energy-efficient, economical, and financially secure.

Seal Your Chimney When it is Not in Use

If you leave your chimney flue open when it isn’t needed, you’re letting a huge amount of warm air out of your home. It’s similar to opening a window a few inches. By sealing off the flue and ensuring that all dryer vents are closed throughout your home, your heating system will use up less energy.

Clean Radiators and Vents

Check to make sure that rugs or furniture are not blocking your vents, or that no large objects are impeding their functionality. Vents allow air to circulate throughout your home. This gives you the full benefit of warm air throughout the colder months, once again giving your heating system a rest. 

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats help homeowners save money on their energy bills throughout the year. They also give you the option to program your system to start working just before you wake up and go down before you go to bed.

You can even save some money on your heating bill for each degree you lower your thermostat across eight hours. The majority of homeowners can also pay for the thermostat with the money that they save in the first month of using the device. Therefore, we highly recommend making this small investment.

Change Air Filters

Clean air filters help the air to flow efficiently through your heating system. This allows hot air to move through the vents and into the rooms of your home. New filters will also help to reduce the strain on your system, ultimately helping you save cash and extending the life of this essential winter equipment.
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