3 Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

A central air conditioning unit is a major investment, so it’s best to do what you can to maintain its functionality. With spring just around the corner and summer soon to follow, now’s the perfect time to make sure your unit is in good working condition. At Cold 1 Services, we provide a wide range of heating and cooling services. Below are three tips to help you prepare your air conditioner for the upcoming season:

1. Clean or replace filters

One of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioner is in top shape is by cleaning or replacing the filters. It’s recommended that you clean the filter every month because a clogged air filter restricts airflow and has the potential to freeze the coils inside your unit.

Restricted airflow in an air conditioner can also cause the unit to work harder than it should, which will spike your electric bill. You have a wide selection of air filters to choose from, and many accumulate dust much quicker. Simply follow the manufacturer’s recommended directions, and you should be fine.

2. Check the ductwork

Many homeowners have no issues with their ductwork. However, there are a few situations that might require extra attention. Most forced air systems share ductwork with the central air system. In this case, the ductwork is probably fine. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to check it for holes or chinks. Make sure that every seal is intact so that you can guarantee the most efficient airflow. Checking this will ensure that your unit is ready to go when that first hot day hits.

3. Clean the coils and condenser.

It’s always recommended to clean the coils and the condenser in your unit before firing it up for the first run of the season. Buildup of dust or debris on the condenser can decrease airflow efficiency and heat transfer. The combination can limit your unit’s performance and even cause damage to the unit. If your air conditioning unit has been uncovered all season, it will definitely need a cleaning before use.

Clear out any debris, leaves, or grass that has accumulated around the condenser on the outside of your unit. You can use a cloth or some canned air to clean out the coils. This will remove any pollen or mold that might have nestled inside over the winter. Afterward, you can open the unit and clean the inside of the box, as well.

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