3 Common Heating System Issues to Watch Out for This Winter

As an experienced heating contractor serving Burlington County, Cold 1 Services receives a lot of emergency heating repair requests during the winter months. This influx of emergency requests is usually caused by homeowners choosing not to get their systems tuned-up before the cold weather arrives. No matter the reason, skipping out on preventive maintenance services for your heating system is an easy way to end up heatless this winter. If you haven’t already scheduled a heating system tune-up this year, then there are a few common heating system issues you’ll want to look out for this winter.


Ignition Failures


If you have a gas-burning furnace that has not been properly maintained, then your heating system is at risk for an ignition failure. An ignition failure usually arises from a faulty pilot light. Pilot lights work to ignite the fuel needed to warm the air in your home. If this light is not ignited, it will cause the thermocouple, which regulates the movement of gas in a furnace, to shut down, thus rendering your furnace unuseable.


Motor Issues


The motor of your heating system is one the most important components as it is what pushes the warm air throughout your home. Wear and tear on your heating system’s motors is normal and will occur over time but if your motor stops working completely, you are in for some very cold days and nights. On the bright side, motor issues are common and can be easily fixed by a professional heating repair service.  


Lack of Airflow


Dirty and clogged air filters are two of the main culprits for airflow challenges. When your heating system becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, it can put a damper on the efficiency of your system. Poor airflow means your system will have to work harder to produce warm air which will only cost you more money in utility bills. Furthermore, it can lead to more serious issues such as damaged air ducts, furnace failure, and leaks.


If you find that you need a heating system repair in Burlington County this winter, don’t hesitate to call Cold 1 Services. We offer a full range of heating system repairs including 24/7 emergency service. Give us a call today at 215-310-0116 or 856-375-1472.


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