Why a Preventative Maintenance Contract is Not a Waste of Money

There is no doubt about it – reaching out to an HVAC company each spring and fall to have both your heating and cooling system checked is a great idea. However, did you know that, if you agreed to sign and purchase a Preventative Maintenance Contract with said company, it would be guaranteed your heating/cooling system would receive an inspection and cleaning? In other words, it would be a priority for them to ensure that a technician comes out and checks your units. The only thing you will have to do is find a time that is suitable for them to do their work!

Aside from ensuring that a technician comes out and checks your systems each spring and fall, there are also many other reasons that you might want to sign and purchase a preventative maintenance contract.

If you ever need emergency service (especially at odd hours), you will not have to pay any overtime fees.

Immediately after you sign a contract, you become a priority. In fact, not only does this mean that you get to the head of the line over other customers when you call for regular services or repairs, but you do not have to pay extra money to have a technician come out during non-working hours. Therefore, if you find that your heater has stopped working late at night or in the early morning hours, you can call to have someone come out immediately, and not have to worry about paying the person extra money to make repairs.

Your heating and cooling system will last as long as it was made to.

While heating and cooling systems are certainly made to last longer these days, that is not to say that they could not breakdown. Inevitably, if your systems do not receive regular maintenance, the chances that they will malfunction are increased. But, if they do receive regular maintenance (as per your contract), you will find yourself less likely to call an HVAC company to make repairs, as well as replacing it sooner rather than later, like you should.

In the end, there are plenty of benefits that come from purchasing a preventative maintenance contract. So, it’s also safe to say that they ARE NOT a waste of money. But, it’s also important to consider what services are provided in the contract, and if it is within your budget to purchase it.

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