What You Should Do if Your AC System Has Flood or Hail Damage

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Unfortunately, AC systems can suffer extensive damage due to extreme weather conditions such as hail and flooding. As a leading provider of commercial air conditioning in Philadelphia, we want our customers to avoid dangerous situations when such damage occurs. We’ve created this post to educate people on what to do if their AC system suffers weather damage.

Damage from Standing Water

If flooding or stormy weather have caused you AC unit to sit in standing water, there are several actions that you can take to help prevent further damage.

  • Turn off all sources of electricity leading to your air conditioning unit. If you are afraid of touching any electrical outlets due to dangerous conditions, call a professional and get them to come and inspect your appliances to move forward safely.
  • Remove as much standing water as you possibly can and clear away any debris from the areas surrounding your AC system. Next, allow the AC unit time to dry out properly to avoid damaging components.
  • Switch the AC system off and wait until a professional AC inspection has been performed before the power is switched back on. The experts at Cold 1 Services offer full safety inspections to help home and business owners minimize risk and damage from standing water.

Can hail damage your AC system?

Yes, hail can cause severe damage to an AC unit, especially if the unit is mounted on the roof of your home or business. AC units installed on the ground can also be significantly damaged by hail. This is especially true if the unit is located on the side of your building facing the south or west.

What should you do if you suspect hail has damaged your AC system?

After stormy weather, you may notice your AC is running less efficiently. If that’s the case, we recommend checking your homeowner’s insurance to see if your policy covers HVAC damage. After reviewing this, call a licensed contractor to inspect your system. If you are covered, tell your technician that you only want an assessment at this time. If you are not covered, work may have to be done, depending on the outcome of the evaluation.

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