Three Reasons Why Your Heater is Malfunctioning

With the grueling cold weather conditions that this winter has already thrown at us, the last thing anyone wants or needs is a malfunctioning heating unit. Whether you have a gas, steam, electric, or oil burning furnace, Cold 1 Services offers repairs to malfunctioning heating units so that you won’t have to sit through another cold day. We provide commercial heating system repair in Cherry Hill, NJ, and surrounding areas. To understand why your heater is malfunctioning, you can call us, and we’ll send someone out to determine why it’s not working properly. You can also read the following reasons why your heater may be malfunctioning, and we’ll send one of our highly qualified contractors out to your home or commercial property to repair or replace it for you:

1. Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is used to regulate the temperature in your home or commercial property. If this isn’t working properly, then you won’t be able to adjust the heat to your liking. Your heating system itself may be fully functioning, but the thermostat will not allow you to utilize its features. Most times, a thermostat issue is a simple fix. It could be as easy as changing the batteries in the thermostat to get your heater back up and running.

2. Clogged or Dirty Filters and Vents

A clogged or dirty ventilation system reduces the amount of heat that flows and circulates through your heating units. Over time, this can cause your heater to stop functioning altogether. To prevent this, you should regularly have your heating vents cleaned. Cold 1 Service offers pre-season cleanings, which will maintain the reliability and efficiency of your heating system.

3. Lack of Maintenance

A good heating furnace can last you up to 20 years. In order to use your heating system to its fullest capacity, you must keep it in good working condition. There will be some wear and tear as the heater does its job, so don’t wait until there is a problem. Cold 1 Services offers preventative maintenance contracts to ensure your heater is performing to its best ability.

Cold 1 Service has you covered when your heater begins to malfunction. Whether the issue is due to a faulty thermostat, clogged or dirty filters and vents or wear and tear from lack of maintenance, we offer our cleaning and repair services to get your heater back up and running.

To learn more about heating system repair in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, contact us today!


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