Thinking About Getting a Central Air Installation? Let Us Guide You!

There’s something downright luxurious about having central air. Maybe it’s not having to take up window space with an unsightly AC unit. Or, maybe it’s the simplicity of using the thermostat. Either way, central air is a nice luxury to have. If your business or home doesn’t operate on central air, it may be time for an upgrade. If that’s the case, our experts here at Cold 1 Services can provide central air installation services, guiding you through the transition from beginning to end.


The Benefits of Central Air

Once you have central air installed, you can reap all the amazing benefits it has to offer:


  • Air is circulated evenly all throughout the house.
  • The system makes less noise because it is located outside.
  • The system doesn’t take away from the aesthetic appeal of the house.
  • Central air is easy to control and operate, allowing the temperature to be adjusted in multiple zones.
  • Central air systems provide both heating and cooling out of the same unit.
  • Central air systems are much more economical compared to other HVAC units.


Winter is the Best Time to Install Central Air

Thinking about having central air installed? If so, the cold weather seasons are the perfect time of year to tackle the project. Central air installation is conducted in the fall and winter because:


  • The central air system is ready for spring.
  • With a new system installed, there’s less chance of a breakdown or need for heating system repair in Cherry Hill, NJ.
  • The cool temperature makes the work conditions much more pleasant for the technicians.
  • Business owners and homeowners don’t want to have to endure the hot weather climate while the installation is being done, especially if the old unit must be disconnected first.
  • The rates for installations in the winter are cheaper because it is the off-season.


If you’re planning on having central air installed, have it done in the fall or winter!


Quality Central Air Installation Performed by Cold 1 Services

Many homeowners and commercial businesses prefer central air. At Cold 1 Services, we have installed heating and air conditioning central air in commercial businesses throughout Delaware County, PA, as well as residential properties in and around the Burlington County, NJ, region. We’ll help you decide which unit is right for your building and guide you through the entire process. Right now we’re offering complimentary in-home estimates for central air installations – so if you’ve been planning to upgrade, schedule an appointment by giving us a call!





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