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At Cold 1 Services, our mission is simple: to ensure that your Philadelphia home’s furnace works properly all winter long. Backed by extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, you can always rely on our expert furnace repair services. Our HVAC contractors are at your disposal to identify and resolve any problems you may be experiencing with your heating system. Don’t wait to get your furnace back up and running – get in touch with us today for your service estimate.

When To Call Our Philadelphia Furnace Repair Experts

No furnace is immune to the occasional problem. Being vigilant about these signs can be a major money-saver, as it can help you identify smaller issues before they escalate.

Signs to Watch For:

Inconsistent Heating: If heating is inconsistent across your home, it could be an indicator for potential ductwork or fan concerns. There may also be a problem with your vents or your air filters.

Odd Sounds: Any odd noises, be it a rattle or a hiss, could hint at problems ranging from dislodged components to ignition issues. Any unfamiliar noises should be checked out by our team as soon as possible.

Higher Energy Costs: An unexpected increase in your energy bill might imply your furnace is using more energy than it really needs to, indicating reduced efficiency. This can be a huge drain on your wallet, so it should be addressed right away.

Constant Cycling: Any change to your furnace’s normal cycling schedule could point towards an internal issue.  A furnace that is constantly cycling may be pointing towards thermostat or airflow problems.


What are the most common furnace repairs?

Faulty thermostats can lead to inconsistent heating or even no heating at all. Filters, when obstructed, can cause the system to overwork, decreasing its lifespan. Ignition glitches, whether in modern electronic systems or older pilot lights, are critical as they affect the furnace’s core functionality.

What parts of a furnace can be replaced?

A furnace’s lifespan can be extended by replacing key components such as the thermostat, igniters, blower motor, flame sensors, air filters, and heat exchangers when they wear out or malfunction. Our Philadelphia HVAC contractors will always suggest a repair service for your furnace before moving forward with a replacement.

What is a furnace emergency?

A furnace emergency can be identified by sudden issues that threaten household safety or compromise heating, such as the smell of gas, detection of carbon monoxide, abrupt noises, or a total lack of heating in freezing temperatures.

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Don’t let furnace troubles leave you out in the cold. For top-notch furnace repair services in Philadelphia, trust only Cold 1 Services. Our expertise guarantees your home stays warm and cozy. Act now and secure your peace of mind. Contact us today to get your service estimate!

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