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Affordable Heater Repair in Montgomery County

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Facing heater problems? You’re in the right place. As the leading experts in Montgomery County for heater repair services, Cold 1 Services is committed to restoring the comfort of your space fast and at an affordable price. We put your heating needs first, and we’re always available for emergency heating service. Contact our HVAC company today to schedule your service!

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Boiler Repair

Searching for dependable boiler repair services? Cold 1 Services specializes in diagnosing and repairing boiler issues to keep your home comfortable, no matter the weather. Our team understands the unique needs of boilers, and we’re dedicated to delivering efficient and effective solutions for all your heating issues.

Furnace Repair

When your furnace acts up, you can trust our Montgomery County HVAC contractors to provide accurate diagnoses and efficient solutions. Our furnace repair services are designed to provide long-lasting results, so you only have to call for service once. We service various models, including oil, electric, gas, and propane-powered furnaces.

Heat Pump Repair

A heat pump’s efficiency is often denoted by its Coefficient of Performance (COP). If your heat pump isn’t achieving optimal COP values, there may be an underlying issue. Our technicians at Cold 1 Services are trained to deliver targeted heat pump repair services, ensuring your system delivers maximum output for the energy consumed.

Ductless Mini Split Repair

Our ductless mini split repair services cover a wide range of potential issues, such as refrigerant leaks. Our HVAC contractors at Cold 1 Services specialize in detecting, repairing, and refilling refrigerants, ensuring your unit cools and heats at peak efficiency.  We can also amend any issues with either indoor or outdoor units.


What would cause a heater to stop working?

A non-functional heater can be attributed to multiple factors. These include thermostat malfunctions affecting temperature control, electrical problems like blown fuses or circuit breaker trips, ignition issues in gas heaters, reduced airflow due to clogged filters, and problems with fuel supply in gas or oil heaters.

How can I troubleshoot a broken heater?

To troubleshoot a non-operational heater, start by examining the thermostat settings. Inspect the circuit breaker and fuse for any anomalies. For gas heaters, confirm the pilot light is functioning. Clear or substitute air filters to optimize airflow. If the problem lingers, get in touch with our Montgomery County HVAC company for expert heater repair.

How often should I change my heater’s air filters?

To ensure smooth operation, swap your heater’s air filters every 1 to 3 months. Factors like air filter type and environmental conditions can influence how often you need to replace your filters.

Trust Our Heater Repair Experts in Montgomery County

Cold 1 Services proudly offers professional heater repair services in the Montgomery County area. Whether it’s a boiler malfunction or a heating system that’s acting up, our experts have the skills to provide effective solutions. Contact our HVAC company today for more information!

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