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For over a decade and a half, Cold 1 Services has been the go-to source for hot water heater replacement and installation in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County. Our clients know they can count on us when it’s time for a water heater upgrade, and we never let them down. We tackle installations and replacements of all sorts of water heaters, and we always aim to get it right the first time. Reach out to our HVAC team today for your personalized water heater installation quote!

When to Replace Your Bucks County Home’s Water Heater

If you’ve been taking good care of your hot water heater, you can expect it to last somewhere between eight to twelve years. But even a well-maintained heater can start to lose efficiency after about a decade, and that can translate into higher energy bills for you. That’s why we generally suggest considering a water heater replacement after ten years. The initial cost might be higher, but a new heater can save you money over time.

Picking the Perfect Size Water Heater

When it comes to energy efficiency, size matters! Your household size and lifestyle will dictate your hot water needs. For instance, a family of four is likely to use more hot water than a couple, and this should factor into your choice of water heater. Laundry, dishwashing, and other water-intensive activities also come into play. Go too small, and you might find yourself running out of hot water. But opt for an oversized unit, and you’ll be wasting energy (and money!). Our team at Cold 1 Services is here to help Bucks County homeowners make the right choice for their hot water needs.


What are the signs that my water heater needs to be replaced?

If you’re experiencing inconsistent hot water, rusty water, or unusual noises from the unit, it could be time to consider a replacement. Other signs include recurrent repairs, a leaky tank, or if the heater is reaching or has surpassed its typical lifespan of 8-12 years.

What type of water heater is most efficient?

Although efficiency varies across models, water heaters that are designed with energy conservation in mind tend to be the most efficient. This includes models like heat pump water heaters and high-efficiency versions of various types.

How long does it take to install a new water heater?

Generally, a professional can install a new water heater within 2 to 3 hours. Please note that the duration can vary depending on the specific details of the installation process and any unforeseen circumstances.

Choose Cold 1 Services for Your Water Heater Replacement in Bucks County

Homeowners across Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery County trust Cold 1 Services for their hot water heater replacement needs. We handle both standard tank and tankless water heater installations and replacements. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Get in touch with our team of HVAC professionals today!

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