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Cold 1 Services is Bucks County’s top choice for reliable furnace repair services. In the middle of winter, you need a dependable team of HVAC contractors, and we’re always available for emergency services. We can repair a wide variety of furnace models, from electric furnaces to gas furnaces. With our in-depth expertise, we’re dedicated to fixing your heating system promptly and effectively. Contact us today to schedule your furnace service.

When To Call Our Bucks County Furnace Repair Team

A reliable furnace is your first defense against winter’s chill, providing comfort and safety. Yet, like any equipment, furnaces can show signs of wear and tear. Catching problems early is key to preventing more costly issues.

Warning Signs Include:

Heating Disparities: A difference in heating across your home might point to duct issues or fan breakdowns. There could also be a problem with a specific room’s vents or an issue with your current air filters.

Strange Noises: Any unfamiliar noises, like clangs or drones, might be a call for attention, indicating everything from loose fittings to ignition hitches. Give us a call if you notice any strange sounds that persist for more than a day.

Higher Energy Bills: A sudden jump in energy expenses can be a tell-tale sign of a furnace losing its efficiency. That’s because a broken furnace needs to use more energy to achieve the same level of heating.

On-Off Cycling: If the furnace is frequently turning on and off or constantly cycling, it might be indicating thermostat or circulation problems. Keep track of your furnace’s standard cycling schedule and notice any inconsistencies.


What are the most common furnace repairs?

Malfunctioning thermostats are quite common and can result in erratic temperature control. Clogged filters can strain the system and diminish indoor air quality. Failures in the ignition system, be it from electronic igniters or traditional pilot lights, can also stop furnace operation.

What parts of a furnace can be replaced?

Essential furnace components like the thermostat, blower motor, igniters, flame sensors, and air filters are replaceable. In specific scenarios, even the heat exchanger can be swapped out to ensure optimal heating. Our Bucks County HVAC contractors will always try to repair your furnace before suggesting a total system replacement.

What is a furnace emergency?

A furnace emergency refers to sudden malfunctions or issues that pose immediate safety risks or disrupt heating, such as gas leaks, unusual noises, unexplained smoke, or complete heat loss during extreme cold.

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