Problems Caused By Neglecting Your Heater

Heater Maintenance Being Performed

While you may choose to ignore the well-being of your heater until something goes wrong, doing so is a problem in itself. By not routinely contacting a maintenance company for heater service in south Jersey or any other location for that matter, it can lead to several heater problems due to neglect. From serious problems to annoyances and everything in between, here are several reasons why you should have a properly maintained heater.

Neglecting System Maintenance Can Be Dangerous

Homes that do not have a properly maintained heater are prone to safety hazards that threaten the well-being of their occupants. For instance, carbon monoxide gas can leak from your furnace if the heat exchanger becomes cracked or damaged. The poisonous gas isn’t the only danger a neglected heater can create because if the boiler overheats, the pipes connected to the water tank can leak out hot water and cause interior damage.

An Ignored Heating System Will Not Work as Intended

The purpose of a heater is to warm up the inside of your home during cold nights and winter months. But neglecting heating system maintenance can prevent heaters from performing their job well, or at all! If your heater is not regularly inspected, parts of your furnace can become clogged, dirty, burnt out, or worse. When this happens, there may not be enough heat in your furnace during the times you need it to work the most. By having a properly maintained heater, you can ensure that you can heat your home around the clock.

By Neglecting System Maintenance, Homeowners Pay More Than Necessary

While paying for a technician to perform heating system maintenance may cost money, trying to save money by not having your heater serviced will end up costing you more in the long term. As your heater components experience wear and tear throughout the years, it will increase your need for repairs and emergency services if the parts aren’t adequately maintained and fine-tuned. Additionally, a properly maintained heater will have a longer lifespan than those that aren’t, meaning it is less likely you will have to replace the heating system entirely due to old age.

There are other ways that forgetting heater system maintenance can lead to higher costs. Because the heating system has to work harder to achieve your designated temperature, it uses up more energy than it needs to due to inefficiency. As a result, the performance issues of a neglected heater will increase your energy bills easier than your home’s temperature.

Forgetting About Routine Heater Maintenance Causes a Variety of Issues

The list of problems caused by the absence of heater maintenance stretches on. Here are some of the other issues that you should remember before ignoring your heater.

  • Faulty belts and motor issues can lead to airflow problems, preventing the warm air from properly circulating.
  • Dirty and clogged air filters are another cause of airflow problems that can be easily fixed during routine maintenance.
  • If the ignition or pilot control is not properly operating due to hindrances such as clogs or poor equipment, then a heater can have difficulty starting.
  • A broken thermostat may prevent certain heater components, like the fans or blowers, from operating correctly.

If too many heater problems occur at once, their combined faults can contribute to a total system breakdown that nobody wants to experience in the middle of a frigid snowstorm.

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