Installing a New Air Conditioner? Here’s A Few Things You Should Know

It’s a given – air conditioners don’t last forever. Your keep-it-cool lean machine has either run its course, is broken beyond repair, or is just plain old. A sparkly, shiny, (and possible energy efficient) new one awaits! But not so fast – there are a few things you should know before you hook it up to the HVAC system in your South Jersey home. It is essential to ensure that the new air conditioner is installed correctly. Read on to find out what you should know!


AC Installation Should Be Performed by a Certified Technician. Installing an air conditioner requires specific knowledge and abilities because there are electric elements and parts involved. Did you know that you need to be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to handle refrigerant? If you aren’t qualified or enjoy tackling projects on your own, do us a favor – put your safety first! Leave the dirty work up to an experienced technician who knows exactly how to apply it to your property.


The Lowest Quote May Not Always Be Better. Sure, everyone wants to save a buck! But the money savings may not be worth it if the job is done poorly. Make sure you hire a skilled HVAC contractor in Mount Laurel you can trust! Gather as many quotes as you can to ensure you pick the right company. Cold feet feel great in the summer, but is absolutely necessary if you don’t feel that an HVAC contractor is reliable!


Excellent Ventilation Will Make a New Installation Worthwhile. You’re going to have a new AC unit installed; what’s the point in upgrading if it has to work as hard as the last appliance? Make sure the ducts and leaks in your home are sealed up so that your home or business can have maximum coolness! You don’t want to invest in a new AC unit just so all the cold air can escape!


A Cleared Equipment Area will allow for Easier Access. After you’ve scheduled an appointment for the installation, help make the process easier by clearing out any objects or debris in the way. If the technicians have to clear the blockage away, the application is only going to take longer. Remove anything that makes the installation location hard to get to, like toys, sticks, furniture, leaf piles, and garden hoses. Doing this will make the installation a simple procedure for both you and the HVAC company.


Getting a new air conditioner is exciting! By knowing these factors, you can ensure that the installation will be a smooth process. You should always feel comfortable in the atmosphere of your home – especially when temperatures rise. For assistance in selecting a new AC unit or having a new AC unit installed, opt for the cold 1 – our Cold 1 HVAC services!

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