How to Know When It’s Time to Repair vs. Replace Your AC System

closeup shot of an AC unit

Maybe your AC breaks down multiple times a year, or perhaps it’s so old that it fails to cool your space sufficiently as the years go on. Regardless of the specific issue at hand— or the host of them you’re constantly having to deal with — it’s safe to say your air conditioning system has seen better days. Now, you have a decision to make; do you call a technician to repair your AC, or just spring for a brand new system? Which will be more cost-effective? What will make you forget — aside from the cool air filling your space when you need it most — that your AC is even there?

This is a conundrum our customers have run into time and time again, and our HVAC contractors near South Jersey are all too familiar with this fork in the road. We’ve put together some top considerations to take into account when deciding whether it’s time to repair or replace your AC system.

How Old Is Your AC Unit?

First and foremost — and perhaps most obviously — the age of your air conditioning system is going to be a key player in this decision. If your unit is more than 10 to 15 years old, it’s most likely time to, at the very least, consider replacing it. This is doubly true if it has a track record of frequent, expensive repairs. In addition to an old AC unit causing cooling trouble, it may also be decreasing your indoor air quality.

Is Your AC Unit Energy-Efficient?

When it comes to your cooling system, you’re gonna want as much bang for your buck as you can muster; and the value of a “buck” sure has a volatile past in value, doesn’t it? If your energy bills are staggering, your air conditioning unit could be to blame. Older, less efficient units aren’t up to the task of keeping you cool all summer long as they once were, and may put themselves under an extraordinary amount of stress to keep pace.

Does Your AC Breakdown Frequently?

Does your AC constantly leave you stranded? Are you constantly calling your local HVAC contractor to come out and investigate the newest unforeseen issue? If so, it’s important to remember that frequent service calls — not to mention your free time spent making arrangements for the problem to be taken care of — can pile up quickly. The costs may stack so high, in fact, that it simply doesn’t make sense to continually service an older unit; a new one may be in order.

Unsure If It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner? Rely on Our Residential HVAC Services in Philadelphia, PA

It’s a fact: air conditioners need professional servicing, including everything from regular maintenance to component replacement. However, when the cons start outweighing the pros, it’s imperative to get a second opinion. For more information about how our specialists can help you determine whether it’s time to replace your air conditioner — or if you simply need repair work done to it — reach out to us today!

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