How to Keep Your Commercial Refrigerator in Top Shape!

When you are running a business, there’re many things that you depend on. The productivity is like a domino effect – when one thing falters or become misdirected, it has to be assessed fast to keep things flowing. Employees, upper management, and site conditions are some to name a few. But out of all these factors, equipment is highly essential. The equipment is like the backbone of your business structure, so care must be taken to keep it in good condition. Does your business operate with commercial refrigerators? These chill-machines are needed in various industries to keep products, food, and medical supplies cold. If a breakdown were to happen, a solution would need to be determined and initiated – fast.

So, why not take preventative measures to avoid a breakdown in the first place? Impede the cost of repair and delayed production time by maintaining the commercial refrigerator with these tips.

Eliminate Dust from the Condenser

When there’s too much dirt accumulated on the compressor coils, the component has to work harder than it should have to. The compressor’s inability to function properly will eventually cause it to break down – a situation all business owners don’t prefer to encounter. Dirt buildup can also cost your business a significant amount of money because it causes a spike in the utility bill from over-working. Free up your staff from this tedious task by hiring a reputable commercial HVAC repair company in Philadelphia to take care of it for you.

Clean the Drain Daily

At the bottom of the commercial refrigerator unit is a drain used for collecting condensation as an exit route. When the drain becomes blocked, condensation builds up and cannot escape. The interior then becomes flooded, generating a harsh environment for the condenser to function accurately. To keep the drain clear, clean it and wipe it down on a daily basis.

Check the Gaskets Every Week

Proper sealing is key to good performance and keeping the utility bill low when it comes to commercial refrigerators. Escaped air that has been chilled is a terrible waste. The result of unsealed cracks is the same as mentioned earlier – the condenser has to work twice as hard, making the probability of a breakdown much higher. The energy bill also increases. Simply put, all you have to do is check and clean the gaskets every week. Have the gasket replaced if you find that it is cracking, peeling away, or sealing flush when the door is shut.

By practicing these vital maintenance tasks, your commercial refrigerator will have a long life expectancy and less chance of repair. For unexpected issues that do arise, contact us at Cold 1 Services, where we set ourselves apart from other commercial air conditioning companies in Delaware County, PA, by offering topnotch customer service and high-quality workmanship.

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