How To Check If Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

When the temperatures outside become too hot to handle, most people find comfort staying indoors confined in a nice air-conditioned room. However, if your air conditioning system fails, it can feel as if you’re unable to escape the sweltering heat. With your entire home now being subject to the brutally hot climate, the first thing you should do is call the trusted HVAC technicians from Cold 1 Services.  


But how can you know if your air conditioner is truly broken? There are a few things you can check before calling our residential and commercial cooling company in Philadelphia. They include:


Checking your electrical panel to see if a breaker was tripped.


There’s always the possibility that your air conditioning stopped working because of a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Check all of the switches and turn on the ones that appear to be tripped. By resetting the connection, you can help determine what is leading to your AC issues.   


Trying to use the fan feature.


If the fan feature works, then power is able to get to the blower. This at least means your AC system has enough power to operate. Since you’re not dealing with no-power issue, it’s best to check the AC unit itself or your thermostat.


Checking the thermostat to make sure it’s operating properly.


The component that controls the central air conditioning of your home is the thermostat. It’s possible that somebody accidentally turned it to the “off” or “auto” setting. Also, there is a chance the batteries could be dead. If none of these things happened, you could have a larger issue on your hands. Don’t worry though. Our professional technicians are here to help.

Inspecting the Air Filter.


Your residential or commercial HVAC system may not need repairs if it’s just the air filter that is clogged. An air filter that has not been inspected for some time can become clogged and dirty, reducing the cooling capacity of your system.


These are just a few minor things you can do to determine if your AC is broken. To schedule an appointment for residential and commercial air conditioning service in Philadelphia, call Cold 1 Services today!



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