Great Ways to Keep Your A/C Down This Summer

Many people turn up their A/C to stay cool, fully understanding the extra strain it puts on their system. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for one summer, you could put the A/C at one level and keep it that way? Maybe someone could ask you to turn it down for once, instead of constantly asking you to “turn it up!” These would be some nice changes, but they won’t just happen without some effort; conserving A/C involves everyone in a property working together. Here are some ways you can surely keep your A/C down during hotter seasons.

When You Cook, Use Ventilation

A lot of people overlook the amount of heat and energy that gets released into your property’s air supply during the process of cooking. Why do you think restaurants have such huge ventilation systems, including the vents over their stoves? They understand that there’s so much heat being emitted that it can literally counteract an entire A/C system. Residential systems aren’t quite as intense as commercial air conditioning units, but you should use as much ventilation as you can while you cook. Once you’re done, you can close off the ventilation again. Remember, air conditioning systems work by taking air and extracting heat, not by forcibly cooling the air. Decrease the amount of heat your A/C system has to extract by removing it from your property directly with ventilation.

Combine Bright Colored Blinds with Dark Colored Curtains

Keeping your home cool involves a certain amount of light control, making sure to keep light out of unwanted areas. In case you weren’t paying attention in science class, dark colors absorb light and heat, and brighter, lighter colors reflect light and thus absorb less heat. Use this small scientific fact to your advantage. When you’re looking at blinds, regardless of the kind or style, make sure they’re made from reflective and bright materials. Heat and light will slowly decay any material, so it’s important to get materials that will absorb as little light as possible. Use darker materials with your curtains to keep the light that penetrates your blinds from getting into your property. Combine bright colored blinds with dark colored curtains to optimize how much heat your windows keep out of your home.

Electrical Appliances – Turn ‘Em Off!

Electrical appliances generate a significant amount of heat. Though at times it can be annoying to wait for electrical appliances to warm up or reboot, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Appliances, like computers, generate so much heat that they often have internal cooling systems that are constantly pumping warm air out into your home. Try to keep computers asleep or shut down whenever you’re not using them. Other things like lamps can generate a decent amount of heat over time, so keep lamps off when you’re not using them. Aside from saving electricity by turning your appliances off, you’re also looking at saving a decent amount of money by keeping your home cooler. So, turn off your appliances and turn down your A/C.

These are just a few ways to keep your property cool in the heat of the summer. If you’ve tried all of this and you’re still having no luck, please contact us as soon as possible at 215.310.0116 in PA and 856.375.1472 in New Jersey.

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