Boilers, Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Oh My! Understanding The Difference Between Various Heating Systems

While we all know that our homes are equipped with a heater, unless you are a trained heating contractor in Burlington County you are probably unaware of the types of heating systems that keep you and your family warm during the winter months. From boilers, furnaces to heat pumps, various types of systems could be used to heat your home. Knowing the type of system your home has can help you properly maintain it. In this post, we’ll explain some of the most common heating systems, how they work, and the advantages they provide homeowners.


Boilers are still found in many homes across PA and NJ; however, they are becoming less common today. Just as the name suggests, a boiler heats liquid, and this heated water or steam is sent throughout your home’s radiators. One advantage of having a boiler system is that there is no need for ductwork. This makes boilers easy to install, plus they are quiet.


Furnaces are forced air systems and considered by far the most common type of heating system in the U.S. A furnace blows warm air through air ducts in your home. The air is delivered through registers and distributed in rooms throughout the house. Homes in PA or NJ could have electric, gas, or oil furnaces to help heat the air.

If your home has a furnace, a great advantage is that the air from your furnace can be humidified. This will help reduce dry or irritated skin and other common conditions that are common in the winter.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are starting to gain more traction and becoming a popular choice in homes, especially since they can function as both a heater and air conditioner. When the temperature gets cold outside, a heat pump will extract outside heat and transfer it inside. When it’s warmer outside, the heat pump reverses direction and brings cold air in. Heat pumps are energy efficient as heat is moved and not generated.

No matter what type of heating system is in your PA or NJ home, make sure it remains in tip-top shape by scheduling your preventative maintenance service. Our commercial HVAC company servicing Camden County proudly offers affordable and reliable HVAC service. Call today to book your appointment.


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