What You Should Do if Your AC System Has Flood or Hail Damage

large hailstone being held in hands

Unfortunately, AC systems can suffer extensive damage due to extreme weather conditions such as hail and flooding. As a leading provider of commercial air conditioning in Philadelphia, we want our customers to avoid dangerous situations when such damage occurs. We’ve created this post to educate people on what to do if their AC system suffers […]

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4 Common HVAC Odors and What Might Be Causing Them

Unpleasant odors coming from the direction of a commercial or residential AC system can be a symptom of serious problems. As the leading provider of installation, maintenance, and repairs for commercial air conditioning in Philadelphia, we want our customers and potential customers to be able to identify these odors and their causes.

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Why You Should Make Your HVAC System Part of Spring Cleaning

Since it still feels like winter in the Northeast, not many homeowners are prioritizing getting their HVAC systems prepped for spring or summer. With spring just a few weeks away, warm weather will bring forth a lot of beautiful things — rain showers, flowers, lush green trees. Unfortunately, as anyone with allergies knows, spring also […]

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3 Common Heating System Issues to Watch Out for This Winter

As an experienced heating contractor serving Burlington County, Cold 1 Services receives a lot of emergency heating repair requests during the winter months. This influx of emergency requests is usually caused by homeowners choosing not to get their systems tuned-up before the cold weather arrives. No matter the reason, skipping out on preventive maintenance services […]

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