5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heater

An HVAC technician eyes up a heater.

When should a furnace be replaced? There’s no single answer to this question — in fact, there are multiple. Depending on the circumstances, there are many reasons why you may need to install a new heating system. To learn whether it’s time to get rid of your current system, here are five signs you need a new furnace.

It’s Gotten Old

If you’ve had your system for more than 15 years or so, then it may be time to say goodbye. A furnace doesn’t last forever despite how well you may have maintained it, as the years of wear and constant use can hinder its performance the older it gets. This results in your heating system taking longer than it should to warm your home — it may not even be able to heat rooms well at all. If you’re unsure of its age, check its serial number for details to learn whether or not the furnace should be replaced. 

There are Strange Sounds

Do you hear banging, buzzing, squeaking, rattling, or other sounds coming from your heating system? Those are signs you need a new furnace, as a good one should remain relatively quiet. If your heater is making irritating noises that it shouldn’t, it may need to be replaced because of a leak or crack. If you have your heating system serviced and it’s still making odd noises, then it’s a clue that its lifespan may have reached its end. Contact an expert to learn the source of the sounds and if a replacement is necessary.

Air Quality Has Diminished

Other signs you need a new furnace pertain to your home’s indoor air quality. An increase in dust, dander or other air contaminants can signify that something is wrong with your heating system. Given how important good indoor air quality is for your continued health, it is essential to have a functional furnace.

It Needs Frequent Repairs

Nobody wants to constantly call an HVAC repair team to fix their heating system — so why should you? If your repair calls have become increasingly more common in recent years, it’s one of the major signs you need a new furnace. While purchasing a completely new heating system might seem expensive at first, the accumulated repair costs can surpass it in time. Plus, you won’t want your furnace to break down on the coldest night of the year when you need it the most.

Your Utility Bills Are Increasing

Are your energy bills rising unexpectedly? It may be because you have an inefficient heating system. The harder it has to work to regulate your desired temperature, the more electricity it needs to use. This results in higher utility bills and one of the clear signs you need a new furnace. In addition, newer heating system models are more efficient than older ones, so you can wind up saving more money in the long run.

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